DJT Engineering Supply Solution is a UK based limited company Registered in England and Wales (Company No.11318072) Authorised and regulated by Companies House Authority, Firm Reference number 052-169098. The Company was formed by UK based Engineers with thorough knowledge and background on African industrial operations and requirements.

DJT Engineering Supply Solutions primary function in Africa is to link African suppliers to European and Asian markets by bridging the already identified gap existing in the following areas:

  • Industrial spares and components procurement i.e. sales and engineering, quality management, packing and overseas shipping.
  • Assist in manufacture and supply of tools and equipment by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Component cross qualification between different codes
  • Supply overseas raw materials required by process industries
  • Maintain physical presence during equipment and component manufacture
  • Handling concept of obsolesce components due to nonexistence OEM or discontinued products by engaging in re-engineering with the relevant existing suppliers.